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Greenshooting Publié le 16/03/2021

Panel Greenshooting, quo vadis?

Until now, greenshooting is mainly approached in a trial-and-error manner, but who can we achieve to raise our efforts from a pilot project to a more structured and strategic approach? Together with our panelists we want to discuss the different efforts of their institutions and how to level the different stages of development in Europe.

With Michael Becker (Südwestrundfunk) | Hemini Mehta (European Broadcast Union) | Benjamin Vanhagendoren (Wallimage) | William Abello (Eco Deco Cine) | Jessica Hefti (Zodiac Pictures)
Host: Sonia Hausséguy (CrewUnited)


Panel Sustainable Postproduction

Greenshooting is often a topic dominated by the actions happening on set – but what about the post-production?
Which influence has the post-production on the CO2 footprint and what are approaches to minimize this footprint in post-production?

With Jan Adamcyk (Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart) | Boris Michalski (Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart) | Carsten Schuffert (Bewegte Bilder) | Didier Falk (Will Productions) | Sebastian Runschke (SERU Films)
Host: Sonia Hausséguy (CrewUnited)

Eductour Sustainable Postproduction

We want to visit with you two sustainable suppliers, who are specialized in post-production. Instead of traveling by bus, we will travel this year virtually and have a look at how sustainability can be achieved in post-production and in the offices.

This event was organised by the MFG Film- und Mediengesellschaft Baden-Württemberg, as part of the crossborder project Film am Oberrhein|Film en Rhin Supérieur.

Technical support: Langmatt Production.

The MFG Baden-Württemberg worked during the whole project on a guide of green service providers in the Upper Rhine region.

Discover the guide


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